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Founded in 2009, Nowsolar Inc. works with some of the largest renewable energy developers in the world to locate and option the best solar sites in Ontario. Together with our partners, we have brought over 2000 acres, translating in over 200MW’s of solar projects to application and contract under the Ontario Power Authorities Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program. This is enough clean energy to power over 20,000 homes.


Scott Mather and Brian Maxwell graduated from Queens Univeristy in 2008. Their prior experience in the oil and gas and real estate development industry allowed them to quickly understand the dynamics of the changing industry and position NowSolar as a key player in the Ontario solar market.

Scott Mather

Scott Mather

Director, Land Acquisition

Scott Mather graduated from Queens University with a B.A.Sc. in Structural Civil Engineering. After graduating he quickly accepted a position in the structural engineering department at Carruthers and Wallace as a Structural Designer who specialized in rooftop restoration and reinforcement. It was there that he began to learn of and follow the development of Ontario’s Green Energy Act. In the summer of 2009, following the passing of the Green Energy Act, he co-founded NowSolar Inc. to transform the Ontario Energy Market. Today, Scott is the Director of Land Acquistion at NowSolar Inc. He oversees the location, negotiation, and filing of each FIT application. During his free time, Scott loves to eat, cook, and play guitar.

Brian Maxwell

Brian Maxwell

Director, Business Development

Brian Maxwell graduated from Queens University with a B.Sc in Geology and Economics in 2008. After graduating he worked as a geologist on a mineral exploration program in the Canadian Arctic and a wellsite geologist on Fort McMurray, Alberta. In the summer of 2009, following the passing of the Green Energy Act, he co-founded NowSolar Inc. Brian is the Director of Business Development at NowSolar. He oversees the business development, strategy and partner negotiations.

Looking Forward

As the OPA (Ontario Power Authority) continues its current review of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program it is important to understand its intention. The Review will consider a range of issues that include but are not limited to the following:

• A FIT price reduction
• ensuring the long-term sustainability of clean energy procurement
• continuing to build on the success of Ontario-based manufacturing and clean energy job creation
• consideration of new technologies and fuel sources
• local consultations and the renewable approval process (REA).

As a result of this review, new prices and rules for FIT contracts will be carefully developed to balance the interests of ratepayers with the need to encourage investments in new clean energy in Ontario. With this in mind, Nowsolar Inc. has been positioning itself to continue acquiring land for power generation companies wishing to make an investment in real estate for the short and long term. We are confident that we package the most economic projects in the province.


Completing the proper due diligence on your solar site to identify all of the possible project constraints during the early stages of development is vital to the future success of your project. NowSolar Inc. provides the following services:

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